Scratch your Head!

Two questions have been asked and I am sure there is someone out there who has the answer

Ques 1. – Who was the Communications Officer at IRIRANGI in 1955?

Ques 2. – What happened to Captain George Dudley Pound DSC, Captain of Royalist 1957/58. We know he returned to the UK but any idea what rank he retired at and what his last command was?

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14 Responses to Scratch your Head!

  1. John Bullockq says:

    Lt Cdr E.C. Thorne 13 Jan 53 22 Feb 55
    Lt Cdr A.V. Kempthorne 23 Feb 55 10 Jan 57

  2. John Bullock says:

    POUND, Dudley Albert George. (Royal Navy and Royal New Zealand Navy No. NZ12667). On September 11, 2012 peacefully at Middlemore Hospital, in his 90th year….Q

  3. Fred Wilson says:

    He retired as a Capt 10.2.65. His appointments after Royalist were

    25.09.1958 – (01.1959)
    Commanding Officer, Anti-Submarine Training Establishment [HMS Osprey] & as Chief Staff Officer to Flag Officer Sea Training

    (07.1961) no appointment listed

    26.07.1961 – (02.1964)
    Captain-in-Charge, Clyde [HMS Cochrane]

    Awarded CBE in 63. Died Chichester 18-8-95

  4. John Howell. (Jock) says:

    Willy Rudd ?

  5. I was in Irirangi in 54/55. Ted Thorne was the C.O. and Mr Coggershall was a Comms Officer. There was a Mr Paxton as senior E officer, and Dave Ingram his junior. There may have been a more senior Comms officer, can’t remember

  6. I was in Irirrangi in 54/55. Ted Thorne was the C.O. and Mr Coggershall(?) (thing ring) was a Comms ofiicer. Mr Paxton was the senior E officer and Dave Ingram was also an e officer. There may have been another Comms officer I can’t remember

  7. walter strong says:

    when working up at portland 1`st commission otago, captain pound x royalist was commodore portland at the time.this fact by conversation only but it pricked my ears as i was on royalist 2nd commission . i still remember his reading in on the q/deck about only having had destroyer experience and people living in the last 300 ft of the ship had best beware.instantly formed bond which stuck with the ship the whole commission.his shiphandling was beyond average and we we had a permanent berth in the inner basin at tamar in hong kong where he used to back in astern easy as you please.deeply respected by all on board and held in high esteem by all in sundry.wally strong nz15843

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