Collectables – Communicators Coin

The Communications Warfare Specialist Branch Coin is now available. Attached is an explanation of the whakatauki, the price and who to order it from. The visual depiction of the Coin looks better in real life by the way. The coin was designed by Petty Officer Stacey Reedy and her design was selected from a number of other submitted designs by communicators.

The producer of the coin would prefer a bulk order of 100 coins and the CWS Branch are currently considering when they might place the next order.  If anyone would like a coin for their collection, please email me direct and I will collate your order and advise the CWS Branch Coordinator to include the requirement in the bulk buy.  Payment and delivery of the coins will be advised when the order is placed.


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5 Responses to Collectables – Communicators Coin

  1. John Parkinson says:

    I will definitely be interested once the price is available. Thank you.

  2. Hihiria Brown says:

    I would also like to order one please…….

  3. Fletch says:

    Is this still available?

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