Margaret House

The Communicators Association has received a request from the Devonport Historical Society who are looking for any images which may be tucked away in your photo albums or scrapbooks of Margaret House.  The images below are great but you may have others which would be great to capture.  Please scan your images and forward to me at  Thanks    Pauline Patterson and Anne Harwood images below.

This is an image of the Wrennery at 110 Calliope Road, Devonport.  The house was situated on the corner of Calliope Road and William Bond Street opposite St Augustine’s Church.  Not sure of when this image was taken but the colour images below is how it now looks.


Margaret house

Margaret house


This is an image of 142 Calliope Road as it is today.  This house was used by Senior Wrens for accommodation and is just down the road from Margaret House above.  Maybe someone can advise if it was known as  ???? something House.

Two more images have been provided by Pauline Patterson.  Thanks Pauline.

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10 Responses to Margaret House

  1. Bob Anderson says:

    There was another house further down calliope towards Stanley point that was used by the Wrens, can’t remember the name, maybe Anne?
    Bob Anderson

  2. Jan Luttrell says:

    It was known as “142 Calliope Road” – reserved for senior Wrens.
    Jan Luttrell

  3. Neill Dorset says:

    My wife, Lynne ( nee Edwards) says that was correct, that it was only known as 142 Calliope Rd.

  4. Fred Wilson says:

    Margaret House was purchased in May 1951, and to correct the main posting, the address is 118 Calliope Rd.
    142 was something of a controversial purchase because Cabinet authority only existed to acquire properties on the cliff top. The owner wrote to Sid Holland and political pressure forced its purchase in May 1956. Used initially as a rental, it became a WRNZNS Hostel 10 April 1963 for up to eight, usually killicks.
    117 Calliope Rd, diagonally opposite 142, later the designated residence of NOCA and Comauck, was a WRNZNS Hostel from 22 June 1943 to 19 February 1946, and like 142 had no name.

  5. From my memory!!!! wasn’t one of them called Elizabeth House as in Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret??

    • Ella Dickinson (nee Guy) says:

      Both Elizabeth and Margaret Houses were named after the Royal Princesses I was in Lizzie house from Joining until I went to Navy Office as a Chief PO; and then came back to Margaret for a short stay to take my departure into Civvy Street!!! I had a very Sick Mother. That was in 1958. Many of my friends of that time have now passed on . I was known as Ella Guy.

      • Yvonne Watson says:

        Good to see your post Ella ..Not many of us from those days still in touch. I have contact with Lesley Surridge (Thacker) on Facebook. Hope you and Fred are well and still enjoying life in WA Very best wishes to you both Von

    • Judy Colliue says:

      I remember them as Elizabeth and Margaret House, never as the address given
      Judy Collie (nee Buckingham)

  6. Yvonne Watson says:

    Hi Ella good to see you still in touch… Not many of the ‘old crowd’ left now… Yvonne Watson

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