Here is an artist impression of the new ship HMNZS AOTEAROA which will be delivered in 2020.  The ship has a displacement of 24,000 tonnes and cost $498 million dollars.  It is 173 metres long and as a design speed of 16 knots.  Accommodation for 98 persons.  The vessel will be built by Hyundai Heavy Industries.

The admiral says “It has the ability to conduct embarked helicopter operations and will be capable of carrying a significant tonnage of operational supplies. And it will provide an important Antarctic support capability to assist with our Southern Ocean monitoring.” Aotearoa would “represent us as a nation on the international stage whether conducting operational support, maritime sustainment or providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Aotearoa will be recognisable within the Pacific region and identifiable with all New Zealanders,”

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10 Responses to HMNZS AOTEAROA

  1. Fred Wilson says:

    Well let’s hope they manage this project better than Protector and deliver it on time and up to specification. Canterbury was supposed to be able to go to the ice, but it is not safe for it to do so.

  2. gunther says:

    would have liked endeavour to have remained ..who makes up these names anyway

    • Jim Dell says:

      Probably the same idiot who decided to send Hawea to Fiji for six months leaving NZ’s EEZ to be patrolled by whatever.

    • kerry williams says:

      i agree naming her Endeavour would keep links to the previous ships of that name

    • John Bullock says:

      It depends how many cap tallies they got left in stores! There are quite a few ferry and cargo vessels around Europe and the Mediterranean that have the familiar “Canterbury look”. I should imagine the Southern Ocean would be off limits to such vessels. It was bad enough in the old days on F625 Rotoiti “Rockin n Rollin” 60º S doing SAR duties.

  3. gunther says:

    also a bit of a mouth full when on a voice cct

  4. Dave Wistrand says:

    One of the problems of naming warships after your country is that if it gets sunk it can be seen as a demoralizing effect on the population – thought they had gone away from that. Mind you these days of “clouds” in the sky it is good to see an actual Long While One and who was the magician who turned a “pie” in the sky into something real – Well Done as they used to say

  5. gunther says:

    does this mean now with our dual language that we can also call her hmnzs new zealand..just thinking like…

  6. Dale Forsyth says:

    Her Majesty New Zealand Ship New Zealand sound off does it not…

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