Communications Training Schools

It would appear that the first formal Communications Training facility was located in what used to be the ‘green huts’ which ran alongside the promenade and ran down opposite the St Christopher’s chapel passed the old Fleet Mess and down to Quarterdeck.   The actual school was located in the green hut directly opposite the old Chief and Petty Officers Fleet Mess.

At some time (date to be discovered) a Communications Training Facility was established at 2 Alexander Road in a two story weatherboard building located on the hill by the PHILOMEL Wardroom.  This building still stands today and when the Communications School was transferred to the ex Army facility at North Head post 1958, the building for a number of years became the Posting Office.  We are aware that the Communications School was in operation and accepting classes on North Head in September 1959.  The image below shows number 2 and 4 Alexander Street and the 2 storey building is to the right.   Thanks Fred W for the images.

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3 Responses to Communications Training Schools

  1. John Howell. (Jock) says:

    Did my training in the green huts, then drafted to HMNZS Tasman at Lyttelton under W/O Pond and PO Greensides to finish as Ord Sigs.

  2. davesyn says:

    Yep your right about that , did my code and typing lessons in the green shed, look for the duster impression in the back wall a missile from POTS Eves for inattention. At the same time the two story house was the meeting palace for all those not under training and skiving off. where a Yeoman chief of some girth, great intellect told the joke of the day with out ever repeating 365, The OIC was one of the few survivors from the Hood? read five books a week and had someone select them for him so no bias. Pretty intimidating place for and OD Tel who had trouble reading and writing code. After a couple of Bomb test and a spell at Irirangi say 1959 the training facility had moved to North Head never got there.
    hope this helps

  3. Cliff says:

    Did my killicks course in the house up the hill in September 1956. Arrived back a day late for the course having just got married. That was no excuse said Iggy Biggs who was not happy about my late arrival. i passed the course just before Christmas and was promptly drafted to Irirangi leaving my new wife behind in Auckland.

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