Blog Milestone

Not sure if you are aware but the Communications Blog has now had over one million hits since its inception in August 2010.  This is a milestone which not many blogs will achieve.

Congratulations to all members of the Communicators Association, Ex matelots and others who are interested in what we post and your comments to follow the blog.

Blog Master – Frank Rands



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1 Response to Blog Milestone

  1. Penny Lowish says:

    You mean visitors probably Frank
    A hit is every page, every image looked at (downloaded)
    For example, if a page has 1 page of text, and 3 images = 4 hits

    If a visitor to the blog (site) visits 5 pages with say 3 images = 15 hits

    Hits are often quoted in the press to make it more sensational, or they don’t know the difference

    My 2c

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