Okay you old timers.  We know that the Communications Training School has been moved around the defence property a number of times so here are two questions we would like answered.

When did it move to 2 Alexander Street?


When did the school move to North Head?


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7 Responses to WHEN?

  1. Jim Dell says:

    It would have been easier had you included the word street after 2 Alexander Frank! The only thing I can find is that the move to 2 Alexander St was about 1957 and the shift to North Head in the early 60s.

  2. Jim Blackburn. says:

    Iggy Biggs, Lindsay Glassey and I went up to North head in October 1958 to select which buildings would be used by the “Signal School” …At first we picked the long one at the very top as it looked out over the Gulf and also into the Naval Base…But in discussion with the RP’s who also wanted that building so they could put Radar Aerials adjacent to it, we opted for the lower area buildings, At that time the Army were still in control, from memory 10th Coastal Regiment, and 1st Locating Battery…and we dealt with W O Mercen. WO Bullen and Sgt Ginders. The process of fitting up the huts into Classrooms. Port W/T,. Secure stowage area for the Books and Cypher Machines, Typing Room, Lamps for Flashing etc etc by the Ministry of Works began quickly and from memory the first classes were started in early 1959, but I am not dead sure of that.

    • Brian Edwards says:

      We ( 1st V/S ) were up North Head about April 1959. Iggy Biggs was our D.O. Ron Smith Yeoman our instructor. He informed Jake Huka and myself we could not be communicators as we would not pass the typing exam. Me with a finger missing and Jake minus a thumb. I wont say who came first and second! From memory I thought the Sparkers had to patrol the surrounding area at night. What for ? Maybe looking for sheep.

  3. william bartlett says:

    Good golly gosh! Got to rack the old grey matter here. When I came back from FND (HMAS Cerberus) in May 1955 after completing my OD buntings course, this “house” outside NOCA’s HQ was still utilised as the Communications Training School in part with the Port WT, PCC (Port Comms Center) in the Dockyard Central Office Bldg & Signal Tower (for buntings). From memory, when Royalist arrived in Dec 1956, the same situation existed. So the period 1957+ would appear likely for the establishment of the school at North Head. I wonder if anyone from the old “Chart Depot” is still around, as I recall it was set up around the same time. Most interesting!
    Bill B

    • Jim Blackburn. says:

      Hi Bill..Yes the Chart Depot moved up to North Head just after the Comms….They were in the Building up to the left at the top> The Man in Charge was an ex Air Force Squadron Leader named Vic Cave..an Officer and a Gentleman…Really nice guy. I think he had 2 sons in the Navy…And YES, there are some of the Staff still around and as a matter of fact in the last few minutes I have been speaking to a Lady who worked in that Chart Depot for 4 years
      Jim B

  4. Ray Newport says:

    Ray Newport on Port Wireless.
    Jim you are right North Head opened for Training classes in January 1959 the 6th L.Tels(Q)
    under CPOTEL Nichols as the instructor commence the 2nd week in January as I came up from
    Navy Office on the 8th January. Have photo of our class- Ray Newport , Graham Webby, Alan
    Porter and Keith Morton dated 20 January 1959. I Stayed on as a Watchkeeper after the Course
    . and Yes the Sparkers at Night had to patrol the Boundary as the Security Fence wasnt completed. . The Cooking school had a room next to the W/T Office for a short time
    Ray (Grasshopper) Newport Ex LRO

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