Ring Any Bells?

Hello,  I was stationed aboard the USS Racine, LST 1191 and in the early 90’s and had the privilege of being moored next to the HMNZS Tui while in Ponepe and also a year later in Guadalcanal. We drank New Zealand Navy Rum on the Tui and It was good. I was wondering where I could find this stuff today? I loved the New Zealanders and their Navy was incredible, thank you for serving.  Mike Stewart.

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2 Responses to Ring Any Bells?

  1. Mikre Commons NZ 14918 says:

    was that the ex mine sweeper HMNZS Tui, which was decommissioned and resurfaced as Tui, the DSIR oceanographic survey vessel? If so, how did a civilian ship get pusser’s squirt????

  2. Chris Precey says:

    Hi Mike
    It was the ex USNS Charles H Davis obtained in 1970 – Sailed to New Zealand from Brooklyn, New York, with a crew of 30 – skipper Lt Cdr Joe Quinn – the Jimmy was Lt Algy Walton. It took 2 months to reach NZ with no buntings and one sparker (namely me).

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