Can anyone out there help Irene?  If you can help Irene please leave a comment to this post.

I am hoping you can help me with some information regarding the 40th re- union of the HMNZS Gambia.  I am collecting men’s neckties in a bid to hold the Guinness World Record for the Largest Collection of Neck Ties.  I found this tie in Dunedin a few years ago. Can you please tell me more about the crew and how many people may have attended the reunion?  Kind regards Irene Sparks

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  1. Ray Thomas says:

    I can’t tell you much about the reunions but I can a little about the ship and crews –

    • Irene Sparks says:

      Thank you so much for that information. It is a very touching story and should have pride of place in our NZ history.

  2. jeff peacock says:

    the first reunion was held in hokitika in 1983……23-25 september….[200-300].the last reunion was held in hokitika september 1993.[they were getting older…..there was the odd little reunion afterwards but a lot of them were in their 80’s]….the first reunion was organised by jack stuart and another guy….i have a reunion photo and programme from.1983…my grandfather was on the Gambia during ww2……it’s a pity they dont talk about the Gambia or the Leanders history much….they tend to concentrate on the Achilles …which was for the most part off being repaired…..dare i say to the disgust of many….but with the greatest respect…..the HMNZS Gambia and HMNZS Leander were more interesting shall we say………..

    • Irene Sparks says:

      Thank you Jeff .
      I am attempting the world record on 29 July 2017. After I have achieved this – I will be in touch about the tie. You are most welcome to have it. It needs a good home.

      • jeffery colin peacock says:

        yes please i’d love to have the tie …….i really really would…. i miss my granddad…..i have his medals…and photos…and dairy and penant flags and all sorts and it will be passed down to my son ……03 768 5713

  3. jeff peacock says:

    i would love to own the tie if you ever wish to sell it

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