Jack Passings – March 2017

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of March 2017. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE

ROBB Donald (Don)
KIPA, Howey Hautonga Mana
ADAM, Graham Percy Seaman
PRUJEAN, Brian Geoffrey TEL
STARR, William Michael  SEA
LOFT, Madeline Therese PO STWD
MAXWELL, Michael John ME1
HILL Frank Edward
NEWMAN Richard John Artificer
HUDDLESTON, Maxwell Everard Frederick (Max) Seaman
CARMINE, James Louis Nealis (Jim) ABSEA
WALKER, Noel Lindsay WOSA
AVEY, Patrick John (Pat) ABSEA
SADLER Robert Laurence LT Comms

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13 Responses to Jack Passings – March 2017

  1. Jim Dell says:

    Nothing there Frank. Sorry to hear about Bob. Served with him at Irirangi and in our younger, fitter days, we played squash and badminton together (not at the same time). He lost a lot of weight over the last couple of years and I didn’t think he looked well. RIP Bob.

    • Frank Rands says:

      Hi Jim,

      Still waiting for confirmation of what happened and arrangements. Crossed the bar yesterday so expect further information tomorrow or Saturday


  2. Ray Jones says:

    RIP Bob. Our two family’s spent so much time together at IRIRANGI. Until we meet again old mate.

  3. Lindsay Roberts says:

    We served together on Taranaki and later kept in touch when he was in Tauranga RIP Bob

  4. Tony Locke says:

    Hi Frank,
    It is sad to here Bob has cross the bar. Like Jim, we served together at Irirangi. In fact we went to the same school in the Manawatu. I will be waiting to here what funeral arrangments have been made.

  5. John T says:

    Sad loss served with Bob on a number of occasions – great memories and runs ashore. Funeral is tomorrow at 1330 in Palmerston North – I am attending

  6. Bruce (Dusty) Miller says:

    Sad news. My memory of Bob is that he loaned me fifty bucks to get married – in 1968. Coming up to fifty years ago and I am still married to Heather. Rest in peace Bob

  7. Hi everyone. Sorry it was such short notice about Dad (Bob). His ticker had been playing up for quite a while along with other complications. The funeral was here in Palmerston North on Friday 3 March. Alby Osborne conducted the Returned Servicemen’s service as part of the service and beautiful it was.

    Fair winds and smooth sailing Dad xx

  8. Paul Murray says:

    Carmen, Les & I were so sorry to hear about Bob. I served with your Dad at Irirangi and Taranaki and it was through Bob’s connection With Lesley’s brother Ken & his sister Sally in those days that I met Les. Rest in Peace Bob.

  9. william bartlett says:

    Hooky Walker, LSA Bellona /Royalist1955/56. Went to his funeral yesterday 10th Mar.
    “Stormy” Huddleston, AB, Kaniere ’57-’58. RIP.

  10. Dave Earl says:

    RIP Bob. Bob was my first watch supervisor at Irirangi when I was an OD in 1970. He threw the number stamp at me one day when I was on ship shore and accidentally knocked the racing off frequency on the adjacent receiver!!

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