Gollie Passes

Regret to advise that Graham Cadwallader (ex EW) crossed the bar this afternoon 14 March 2017.  Details will be posted when advised

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8 Responses to Gollie Passes

  1. Mike Dinwiddie says:

    RIP Graham Fair winds and smooth seas

  2. Rod says:

    A gentleman and great supporter of our Association. Always first up for any event. RIP Caddy.

  3. Ralphy Parkes says:

    RIP Caddie – never a dull moment when you were about. Ralphy

  4. Yes RIP Caddy always with humour and a gentleman

  5. Gary Houghton says:

    RIP, Caddie. Will miss the banter and quick quips.

  6. John Bullock says:

    RIP ol’ Son … He certainly had the dry humour expertise, and could take the “pee” out of anyway!

  7. DAVID (doc) Watts says:

    Doc Watts RIP Caddy go join yr brother Barry

  8. JOHN B Morey says:

    John Morey. R,i.P. Caddy old friend. 2 commissions with the man and one with his late younger brother. Barry. Good guys.

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