MCG – Royalist Style

Here is an image of HMNZS ROYALIST Maori Cultural Party taken in 1965.  There are a number of communicators present in the image.  See if you can pick them out from directions below.  Thanks for the image Larry M.

Sparkers –  Abe Seymour – rear 3rd from left,  Larry Maindonald – middle 4th from left         Lionel Tuhiwai – rear 8th from left (obscured)     Don Mihaere – rear 11th from right             absent –  Joe Aranga
Buntings  – Bob Ratu – front 6th from left   Tom Cassidy – ls rear 11th from right
Skipper – Captain Vallant -the matelot standing between the officers is John Purcell (RSA President Napier)


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2 Responses to MCG – Royalist Style

  1. Jim Dell says:

    The other officer is Commander Bardwell

  2. Jim Dell says:

    Larry Maindonald is 4th from the left behind Tony (Butch) Wade’s right shoulder.

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