Current Branch Badges of the RNZN

Here is an image of the current branch badges of the RNZN.  Lets see how good we are and see which ones we can name.


Top Row 1 L-R – Combat Systems Specialist, Medic, Marine Technician Propulsion, Writer, Maritime Trade Operator
Row 2 L-R – Seaman Combat Specialist, Weapons Technician, Diver, Electronic Warfare Specialist, Officers Steward
Row 3 L-R – Naval Police, Electronics Technician, Marine Technician Electrical, Hydrographic, Band
Bottom Row L-R – Communications Warfare Specialist, Stores, Air Crewman, PTI,  Chef (not cook)

And not so current badges of the RNZN


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2 Responses to Current Branch Badges of the RNZN

  1. Tony Locke says:

    I believe the Bottom Left is the Comms Badge!

  2. m says:

    TOP L-R Combat Systems Operator, Medic, Marine Technican )Propulsion,Wtiter, Naval Contol of Shipping.
    2nd ?, Weapons Technician, Diver, Golliwog,Steward.
    3rd Naval Police, Electronics Technician[old CEA & REA’s] Marine Technician Electrical [old EM], Droggie, Band,
    BOTTOM Comms, Supply Assistant, Helicopter Loadmaster, PTI, Chef.

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