Hot Diggity Dog

These two likely lads with the Hickleberry Hound.  The sailor on the left is AB Maurice McCallum and the other was a sparker.  The sparker pictured rescued the pup when it went overboard.  Can you name the sparker?   The source of the image is from a short-lived joint service newspaper called Action which was the pre-cursor to Reveille.  Thanks Fred W for the image. Click on image to enlarge.



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12 Responses to Hot Diggity Dog

  1. Nick Carter says:

    Yes, ARO Henry Bull

  2. Christine Commons says:

    That looks very much like Henry (Graham Bull to me)

  3. Jim D says:

    Henri Bull

  4. Ernie POPE says:

    Henry Bull, sparker first commission on Hickleton with the little dog who grew bigger until tossed over the side as a dibdab .

  5. Gary Houghton says:

    Graeme “Henry” Bull the Sparker

  6. Jon says:

    The sparker who saved the dog was Graeme Bull who has crossed the bar.

  7. Jim Lyons says:

    Yep, Henry Bull, I was on Hickleton with him and Baz Newport as the initial sparkers. Nick Carter was the bunting.

    • Jim Dell says:

      Hi Jim, remember you all coming on board Royalist in Bangkok. Henry got some copper wire to replace your aerial and didn’t Baz do his ABs exam at the same time?

      • Jim Lyons says:

        Hi Jim, great to hear from you after all this time. Yes both Baz and I came onto Royalist to do the ARD thing I think they called it at the time. I know we sailed to Bangkok because I still remember the hangover, but cannot remember where we joined you, think it was Singapore and we did the ARD tests enroute. I recall we had to go back to Hickleton to show we could tune Hickleton’s 619 because you had to tune the transmitter on the ship you were drafted to at the time and Royalist had a 618. Long long time ago. JL

  8. Reg Adams alias Daisy Adams says:

    Yep that is henry bull for sure . Hicklebury hound got hit by a vehicle and the wound did not heal so he was tossed over the side one night by Jim Maehari. FM Daisy Adams

  9. Nick C arter says:

    Footnote for Hick (the dog). We were very concerned that Hick may be gay. We gave him every opportunity to prove us wrong, but to no avail, One day in harbour after rum issue it was decided to take Hick to see a local vet and get this dilemma sorter out once and for all. Whilst waiting in the vet’s surgery, Hick attempted to bonk a cat! Needless to say, Hick was immediately returned onboard without the need for a vets examination. We celebrated Hick’s new found interests with another rum issue, without the Coxn’s consent of course. He was a miserable bastaes anyway.

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