A HEGG Presentation

Here is an image of a young Communicator being presented with the Davis Goff Cup which was the best all-round non seaman award.  Can you identify the HEGG and also the young Communicator?  Thanks Fred W for the image.  The source of the image is from a short-lived joint service newspaper called Action which was the pre-cursor to Reveille.


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9 Responses to A HEGG Presentation

  1. gunther says:

    look like a very young chris farrow.. but i dont remember the gg being present at any of our events at tamaki???

  2. Jim Blackburn. says:

    To me it looks like Sir Bernard Ferguson and a young Chris farrow

  3. Jim D says:

    Chris Farrow

  4. John Bullock says:

    Sir Bernard Ferguson GG

  5. Tony Bullock says:

    GG is Sir Bernard Fergusson (Nov 62 – Oct 67). The clues are the moustache and the monocole in the right eye.

  6. MOLE says:

    HEGG is Sir Bernard Fergussion the monocle is the clue

  7. Dale Farrow says:

    The young communicator is my Father, Chris Farrow

  8. Reg Adams alias Daisy Adams says:

    Definitely Sir Bernard Fergusson. Don’t know the communicator

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