A question has arisen around whether the Navy ever had Land Rovers which were painted Navy Blue.  capture

My thoughts are that possibly IRIRANGI had some but also Whangaparaoa.  Can anyone confirm?


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20 Responses to NAVY LANDROVERS

  1. gunther says:

    dont ever remember landrovers, but irirangi had a short wheel based toyota 4wd..kept in near new condition…

  2. Marian Simons says:

    I didn’t see Landrovers at Whangaparoa during BCT training (1980) only mini mokes

  3. Jim Dell says:

    Irirangi had a light blue one in the 80’s. Endeavour II had a jeep painted navy blue which the crew purchased in the US when they went to pick her up.

  4. Frank Rands says:

    When I was posted to IRIRANGI in Dec 67 I seem to remember a blue land rover which was used to go up the mountain to test portables. Sam Tilton was the PO and I remember if cost me a 2 and a 4 on the way to the mountain track. I cannot remember any portables getting tested but I do remember a blue land rover..

  5. Paul Murray says:

    I remember a blue LWB Landrover at Irirangi in 74

  6. mike catlow says:

    Its a yes for Irirangi, it was used to pick us up for watches at NR2 from Navy housing Waiouru They also had a Transit

  7. allan low says:

    !966-67. Long base blue landrover used for various things. Watchkeeper changeovers to transmitters, into Taihape to pick up the pay roll, Ski trips up the mountain to the RNZN chalet on the ohakune side. Maintenance trips to the transmitters and receivers when required. OOD inspections.

    I was the chippy at Irrirangi during that period.


  8. john snow says:

    To think I drove one every Monday night into Taihape and pick up confidential mail from Limited and never noticed the colour.

  9. John Bulock says:

    At the old camp at Hihitahi they also had a Bedford Stores truck that used to shoot up to Auckland now and again for the supplies, etc., usually driven by a GD. I cannot remember what the OOD used to drive when he came over to NR2 to muster the books? Didn’t the CO have his own vehicle?

  10. Mole says:

    John Dodd always used one of the Long Wheel base Blue Rovers to go mushrooming over @ Transmitters and I had to take one to Ohakune when the OTS Bus crashed near that old car wreckers North of Kune and a Middy ended up in Hospital and BoBo who was OOD asked me to see what was up to get the necessary info I first went to the Ski Club where the Middies were based for the Exped cold as hell after midnight lashings of snow everywhere bolt into the Ski Club trailing snow behind me where this young officious middy told me to take my boots off bugger didn’t even see my Chiefs Rank Slides, so in the best possible English I informed the little Angel to Foxtrot Oscar and get me the boss as I wanted the gen on the injured Snottie and where their wagon was so I could organise it’s recovery. Eventually the Mid Trg Officer came out and said Whats up Mole well says I all nice and respectful like wotz this about an injured Middy and what do you want me to do. So saying lets go out to the Rover where we called up BoBo on the Radio the old got was excited as he reckoned that it was the 1st duty he had to do apart from pull the flag down at 1700 each night and hoist it again @ Colours in the morning. The Middy somewhat sheepishly apologised for not being observant in noticing my rank and being a prat. That’s OK Skin all part of your learning curve says I.

    • Jim Dell says:

      The only long based landrover that Irirangi had was painted light blue with a navy blue stripe down the sides with Royal New Zealand Navy painted in White with Gold Shadowing. The old bus and its replacement were also painted in the same colour. The Duty Commanding Officer initially used the landrover which was kept at Park Lane overnight. This was replaced by a Toyota Landcruiser (had a soft top) which was painted a sort of Desert khaki colour. When a certain WO was DCO, the landcruiser was borrowed for rabbit hunting off the Desert Road.The CO had own his car ( a Ford??) which was painted Navy Blue, but after a trip to New Plymouth via many kms of metal roads to deliver unsold raffle tickets to HMNZS Taranaki, it required a paint job…

      • Jim Dell says:

        When the Toyota Landcruiser came on the scene, the landrover went to Receivers to become the Fire Tender with a Specially equipped trailer with pump and hoses.

      • Jim Dell says:

        I could be wrong about the gold shadowing on the white lettering – ’twas a long time ago…

  11. Frank Lewis says:

    I remember a blue Landrover somewhere at Irirangi – we always went on watch to NR2 in the back of a Bedford truck. This was 1968 – 72.

  12. Wings says:

    In 74/75 we had a long wheelbase landrover with bench seats along each side which took us to receivers when snow made the road dangerous for the bus or van..Remember Daffy I think it was driving us and the cold wind whistling through the many gaps in the bloody thing.

  13. william bartlett says:

    From wot can recall, “in the beginning” it was Navy policy to have all vehicles purchased for the Transport Pool painted “navy blue”. (Like the Aussie Navy’s which are a lightish grey). When in 1978 I drafted to the NSD as first Navy Transport Co-ordinator W/O, the vehicle fleet colour policy applied to the purchase of PSV’s (coaches) only. Other vehicles purchased were flung into the fleet in their existing colour with “navy” roundel affixed. There remained however some vehicles including 4×4’s allocated to remote bases and Survey “slave stations” which were still painted the old blue colour. When I retired in 1987 there was still the odd passenger car around with its navy blue coat. So I guess the answer is Yes! the land rovers(4x4s) did exist,in remote bases, but whether they were a dark blue or latterly a Toyota “off yellow”, would depend on the “era” in question. Cheers BB

  14. John Gapes says:

    Yeah there was a long wheelbase LR at Irirangi painted blue. I used to barrel out to Taihape in the rattle old thing to get the confidential mail off the night express 65-67.

  15. Ben Gilbert says:

    We had a couple in the Diving Team the same model as the picture above.

  16. Greg H says:

    I think lachlan had one for slave stationsgre

  17. Duffy says:

    I remember in the early 80’s Irirangi had a light blue LWB Nissan Patrol, I also remember the yellow/mustard Toyota land cruiser. It was the first vehicle I had ever driven with disc brakes. I was dropping the Jimmy off at home one night and when I shot into his drive way at a rate of knots, I hit the picks and bloody near sent him through the wind screen. Wasn’t my problem he didn’t have his seat belt on but I copped a burst anyway.

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