Jack Passings – January 2017

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of January 2017. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE

HALL, Frederick Bertrand
BOLLINGTON, Barry Alan Edwin Seaman
REVELL, Gordon Charles LEM
BRUNING, Russell Graeme
TIMMINS, Antony Owen (Tony) ASTWD
PITT,Vaughan McColl Charles
TEAGUE, Francis William (Bill) POCK
VENNELL Christopher Richard (Kit)  CDR
PENNINGTON, Richard John (Dik) LPTI
BENSLEY, Athol George Allen Seaman
GODDARD, Roy Seaman
BENSLEY, Athol George Allen Seaman
FLEET, Rex Stoker
JOHNSON, Lance Douglas (Jonno) Stoker/Diver
MILLER Harold Roy { Dusty}
SIVEWRIGHT, Mark Philip Seaman
STEWART, Patrick Ramon (Pat) Signalman
NELSON, Alexander David (David) CAPTAIN
McAULEY, Dulcia Edith (nee Newsham -West). Service No WRNZNS 822

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3 Responses to Jack Passings – January 2017

  1. Bill McLauchlan says:

    I was happy to see that there’s more than one of my vintage still around – hi Tex (Spence) – I do remember being at Waiouru W/T with you. Hope you’re keeping well.

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