A Question of Colour?

After WW2 all RNZN ships reverted to a single grey colour from their various camouflage schemes.  The RN changed their scheme for the Coronation Review in March 1953 to Mediterranean Grey (Med Grey, aka duck egg blue or Med Blue) and Black Prince was painted that colour when she came out of reserve in 1952 and attended the Review.  Subsequently all the RNZN went to Med Grey until Waikato arrived and the change was made to Waikato Grey in 1968.  However, there are reports that Taupo and Hawea went to Med Grey when they did their exchange with the RN in the Med, and returned in that colour in December 1950.  Which would mean that Hawea was painted Med Grey (blue) when she left Auckland 3 March 1951 for her first stint in Korea.  True or false?  Please leave your response as a comment.  Thanks.


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