A Permanent Reminder!

It would be interesting to know the number of ‘Jacks’ who went through this man’s parlour and of course stopped for a beer or something a little more permanent.  Yes this is the man himself. Mr Pinky Yun. Tattooist of world repute. Lockhart Road. Wan Chai. Hong Kong. RIP Pinky!.  Click on link to enlarge.  Thanks Bill L for the image.


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12 Responses to A Permanent Reminder!

  1. Roly (Nokka) Whyte says:

    I had a two day stopover in Honkers a few years back and decided to try and find some links with the past. Disappointed to find that apart from the Peak and the Harbour I couldn’t find anything I recognised, until I stumbled upon, would you believe it, Pinky tattoo parlour! Very emotional for me since I am the bearer of one of his great masterpieces. I was told that when he retired Pinky went to Hawaii to live and his business was taken over by his Nephew. Presumably he is a long time dead especially since he looks to be half way there in the photo. Aahhhh memories are made of this!

  2. Dave Wistrand says:

    Perhaps we could have photos of Pinky’s work – Anonymous perhaps for some folk

  3. Gary Kingdon says:

    I remember the Royalist trip to FES in 61, in Honkers and various jacks coming back with a range of tats, from the standard Suzie Wong or tiger on the arm to the whole of the back covered in a hunting scene or two horses. But the one I remember the most is a certain killick sparker who came back with ‘DYNAMIC DES THE SPARKERS FRIEND’ in large letters on his back, inscribed similar to writing on a lifebouy. I’ll leave you to work out who it was. Certainly reinforced the advice of not getting a tattoo after you’ve been drinking. Don’t think he even remembered getting it.

    • John Bullock says:

      Beat this one! I was in the Wet Canteen in the Sembawang Dockyard a few moons ago slurping my “Tops”, when I noticed a RN communicator displaying his new tattoo to his mates. It was a tattoo of the Basic Message Format as prescribed in ACP127 over his whole back. It even had “carriage returns” , BT, NNNN, etc.!

    • John Bullock says:

      Des Bretherton?

      • Jim Dell says:

        Negative – Des was one of the killicks on Royalist and I don’t recall any tatts on his back – with no aircon, shorts was the rig of the day…,

  4. Jim Blackburn. says:

    Far be it from me to enter in to this Tattoo debate, as I never had any desire to have one and hence have not got one….But I would like to put in a little bit of perspective on this subject.

    My Father, who joined the RN in 1895 and was out in China for his first 3 year commission in 1898 was tattooed from “Head to Toe”… The first one, a massive “Fan” covering his Back was done in Hong Kong a few days after the ship arrived on the China Station. Others were done over the next few years in places like Wei Hei Wei, the British Naval Base, TSingTao, the German Naval Base, Shanghai, Singapore or wherever the ship was, and he had “recovered” or had healed from the last one. Most of them were “works of art”.

    The reason for this was not bullshit or “jack me old main feed pump” attitude, but because it was believed that the infection from the tattoo would provide an immunity to Smallpox which was prevalent in those days, (and unlike later on, there was no Vaccination or prophylactic drug to counteract it) and the sailors believed, erroneously in tattooing, as they found out to their peril.

    The more tattoos they got, the greater the protection,,, or so they thought, and most of them were covered from top to bottom…however…the regulations were that no tattoo was to be visible below the wrist, or above the “Flannel Shirt” so that the hands, neck and face were “Clean” when in uniform, whilst the rest of the tattooed body was covered.

    If the tattoo became septic, as it frequently did, it was considered to be a sign that you were able to contract Smallpox, and worse still if you reported “Sick” and were unable to “carry on with your work” you were charged with “self inflicted wounds” and “Rendering yourself unfit for Duty” which were heinous crimes and could, and did, result in cell punishment on Bread & Water diet, or number 9 or 10A punishment.

  5. Brian Edwards says:

    Pinky – Well he certainly left me a reminder of what not to do after a few wets at the China Fleet Club. PUKAKI 1961. Five of us decided to get an Eagle on our chest. The first four got their transfer but I decided I wanted mine facing the other way. Consequently he drew it free hand and it ended up looking like a Shite Hawk. Still, it was as Jack always says – It was a good run!!

  6. John Hair ex Gambia 1958-60 says:

    Colours still vivid on large parrot done by illustrious Pinky. China fleet club long gone but money from sale paid for a new China fleet club in Plymouth Uk. Memories of CFC were the Chinese lift operators of ancient lift with open gates who always had a Glas of hot green tea on the go and some of the beer mugs which had a red dot on the bottom which if returned to the bar earned a free San Miguel Navy sailors drank in the club until 2359 and went on to the Wanchai clubs from which American sailors had left as they had to be back on board at Midnite We had all nite leave

  7. John Hair ex Gambia 1958-60 says:

    My old mum said a sailor who is tattood below the knee will never drown at sea.

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