Retirement Hmmmm!!

So, what can we do once we finally decide to retire and receive our pension.  Take it from me, it will take some time to adjust – especially for you, your wife or partner and anyone else living in the household.


So how do you spend all this time you now find you have on your hands? Well, you can join one of the many clubs or organisations in your locality.  You may like to volunteer in the community.

So what have you done in your retirement? How do you spend your time? Help us build a list so that others may take the plunge and ensure their retirement years are worthwhile and rewarding. We will provide links to their parent bodies of any organisations that are provided.  Leave a comment to this post explaining the organisations you have joined. Here are a couple to start it off and click on  the name to be taken to the parent body.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Justice of the Peace
Men’s Shed
Community Patrols New Zealand
Coastguard NZ
Citzens Advice Bureau
Join a Walking Group
Try to learn another language
Learn Yoga or Meditation
Volunteer for School Committees, Body Corp or other committees

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9 Responses to Retirement Hmmmm!!

  1. gunther says:

    the day i retired that night we flew out to vietnam..wasnt planned that way, just that i was going to carry on working , but when the time came i just said, “naa thats it “..have to say tho with a working wife i still got up at the same time and when she left to go to work i would go out and work on the two acres we had. did this for about 5 mths, then it was “what am i doing this for” then what used to take me a couple of hours to do became a day or even two days..i always had something to do on the property, minor or major..but they didnt have the get fixed right then and now with a make a mend afterwards , job and finish attitude..later it became the cafe for the coffee and something or other. the library, clubs (rsa) meetings (comms, sports club) but my day always seemed to be full, oh and not forgetting the vacuming, cleaning of heads/bathrooms etc etc..after 15yrs of doing this we moved to the beach, its worse, dont do sweet …. all, save go to the cafe (owned by and ex jack) turn up at the launch pad (local) and have a giggle at some of the things that happen..sort the property out, meet some local ex jacks who in one instance havnt seen since 1965, read a lot more books ( for some reason whilst reading books in the afternoon i faint, not for long, just long enough to think what happened between then and now) want to go for a swim but its to f…… cold in.. so have to wait for the wx to heat up the oggie..oh and i go for bike rides just to keep up my aerobic whats it, not far but far enought to make me puff and after a while i do it once more , just keep pushing meself that little bit more to make me inner self healthier..i wonder now and then when will it all end???

  2. davesyn says:

    The first is walking belong to three groups?friends do about two hours each session about 30000 steps a week.
    Have spent a lot of time on strata committees and executive
    Do small jobs, letter box drops (walking extra)
    Try and learn a language
    Learn meditation and yoga
    Tour the country (can’t any more)

  3. Chook says:

    My philosophy is retirement is for old people, 70 is the new 50……taking into consideration one’s health, which as ex servicemen we had it pretty hard before OSH reared its head, e.g plastic sandals etc etc. I have been lucky so far as my health is very good and I have a part time job in which I mix with a wide range of people from fly in fly out workers to high flying corporate types and all that goes in between and it keeps me active both mentally and physically. And I still have time for other things like golf and travel. And I only visit Facebook once a week!!! I’m not interested what people are doing every 2nd minute of the day, good to reminisce but it stops there. Aint life grand..

  4. mike catlow says:

    Retirement came at a good time. With the change from analogue to digital I had the job of looking after a bank’s branch network of PABX systems who eventually converted to VOIP. This signalled the wish to decamp the corporate world and opt for retirement at Waikanae Beach out of Wellington. My outside work leisure activity was doing up a 1910 villa which was trucked to the site at Waikanae. Luckily, I had the help of a builder friend to show me the ‘tricks of the trade’.
    As the house rebuild was coming to an end I was phoned by a former Wellington city neighbour who urged me to come to his art class as the tutor would help me. This neighbour and I had previously done a night class oil painting course at Wellington High School years ago – the course did not go that well so I gave up. It turned out to be the best move I could have made in retirement as this new teacher taught me the oil painting techniques. I now devote most of my time furthering art and next year 2018 will go on the Kapiti Arts Trail as I will have a studio up and running about mid-year 2017. I wonder how I found the time to work in my old life as there is still so much to learn.
    The closest I came to art in the Navy was doing ‘paint by numbers’ kits that were popular at the time and making model ship and aircraft kitsets. I would recommend anyone to explore any hidden talents or things they wished they had attempted such as art, writing, model making, languages,gardening etc. There is a fantastic amount of information on the internet, check out for example who run free courses from universities around the world. My wife has become a fan of this site to further her interests in nursing and medical things in general. Local interest clubs abound in many pursuits – check your local community papers. You won’t regret it and you will never be bored.

  5. Dave Wistrand says:

    Are – so the old socialist/feminist trap of life being “Rewarding and Satisfying”. Life has to have “meaning”, life has to “conform to the perceived norm”, you have to be doing “something” or you are “wasting your life” and not contributing to “society” as perceived by those who bang on about such stuff (see fifth/sixth words). And to misquote Basil Fawlty “don’t mention the Gods”.
    You are a manifestation (sorry a personfestation) of firstly your “nature” which has been impacted by your “nurture” experiences. You are what you are and will do whatever those experiences lead you to do and what your inherited nature spurs you into doing.
    At this point it is good to examine “nurture”; normally accepted as parents, but our experiences with Pussars and Partners also impact. I think at 16 or 17 joining up (from school) I was still a child basically with no idea of the world apart from keeping parents placated by doing what was necessary to keep out of trouble (routines-behaviour-societal interaction) – and it was only a small step to the same conditions in the RNZN and then marriage (moving into trouble here) and consequent employment. Do what is routinely expected – behave so you don’t stand out too much from your peers and meet societies expectations. Peers’s is an interesting word – if all your peers are ratbags, or successful in one form or another, or conformists, then they are your equals so you will more than likely conform (even as a ratbag). There are always exceptions but the great majority us move within and accept those conditions of their life.
    I accept there needs to be some education about what is available (well done with this Frank) and if it helps someone – good stuff. However I bet we will all continue to do whatever we have been doing in the same way we have been doing it within the spectrum of our life (to date)experiences.

    — ..-. ..-. … — .- .–. -… — -..-
    -…- .-.-.

    • gunther says:

      says it all doesnt it really…

    • Dave Wistrand says:

      Oops the O’s look like T’s cause the hyphens joined together so from that point of view
      “off soapbox” was a cock up cause my nature is careless and nurture hasn’t fixed that except for self preservation in circumstances I should not have been in anyway

  6. Jan Ainsworth says:

    Yes have to agree gents 70 is the new 50. After “Pussers” worked in the Dairy industry for 42 years 40 of those as a Tanker Driver down the coast in the Naki for Kiwi then Fonterra.
    Was a driver trainer as in showing them how to do the job and as an assessor which usually took up the first few weeks of the “Season” then they were on their own with the occassional assessment as to how they were handling things.
    During this time I also became a Volunteer Firey working my way up to the rank of Station Officer.
    When I retired 3 years ago from Fonterra I took up a contract with the Fire Service where I assist with keeping the Naki fleet of Fire trucks on the front line by delivering them to the Company that is contracted to service/repair them. When they are ready I deliver them back to their stations.
    We use a spare truck so that respective stations are not compromised.
    Although not engaged as a frontline firey I am still involved as a member of my local Brigade’s
    Operational Support Unit.
    So it is important to keep ones hand in as best you can, fortunately I am in reasonable good health….case of having to be with 9 grand kids and doing up a 50s house.
    Cheers for now Skin

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