Guess Who Bunts!

Here is an image taken on Royal Yacht Britannia.  Can you identify these sailors?
Click on image to enlarge.


L-R  – Fred Wilson – Ted Thorne  – LSIG John Titmus – LPTI Gary Pettis  – ABS Trevor Tilyard  – LME Dave Llewellen

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6 Responses to Guess Who Bunts!

  1. John Bullockÿ says:

    ???, Commodore Thorne, Signalman John Titmus, PTI Garry Pettis, ????, ????

  2. murraynash says:

    john titmus on the left.

    Regards Murray

    Sent from my iPad


  3. gunther says:

    obvioulsy ‘snivverlers”, what would be the age of the one on the left, has he just left highschool, (he said tongue in cheek)

  4. Bob Anderson says:

    Is the taller person Gary Pettis?

  5. Jim Dell says:

    I don’t think John Titmus was a killick then.

  6. Ian Jacques says:

    Titty got the yacht I got the Big E

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