A Real Test

This is going to certainly test the grey matter.  What we need are the names of the individuals and the location of where the image was taken.  Clue you needed to be around in 1967-68 and there are two Communicators in the image. Click on image to enlarge.


Back row in the middle is possibly Grant Sweetman?  Others identified are Lex Thayers the Cook, Trigger Gunn the Medic and Hugh Pocklington the RP.

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3 Responses to A Real Test

  1. Jim Dell says:

    Butch Wade sitting and holding the guitar.

  2. Jim Dell says:

    Standing far right looks like Fonce Lora (Jossman)

  3. Dave Wistrand says:

    No that is Trigger Gunn the Medic – back row right is Wilkie Wilkinson the LSA I think – Also now think second row back (3 of them) the left hand one is ? Ainsworth a Cook? next to Lex Thayers – second one leaning on the bar with beard is that Stever Draper RP? – Dont think it is Grant Sweetman at the back with me though

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