One for the ‘Gollies’

Here is an image of some equipment which most of you have not seen..  Lets see if the Gollies of the Branch can provides us with some details. Click on image to enlarge.


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5 Responses to One for the ‘Gollies’

  1. Dave Wistrand says:

    Left to Right – S band Jammer Type 667 – UA8 S or later on E/F Band SHF Receiver – YAZ Analyser – UA9 X Band or later on I Band SHF Receiver – X Band Jammer Type 668
    Some folks will tell you the only thing missing is the pillow

  2. davesyn says:

    Hi Frank, a new year thought can you make these and other photo’s so when yo click on them the enlarge, they currently just pop up on to a new page the same size!.. Worked out I am Gollie, always thought I was a one eyed rum soaked sparker, but then, thing change

  3. Steve says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever been in a brick lined EWO or worked on this particular configuration, but looks like 667, UA8, CAS, UA9, 668.

  4. Caddy says:

    Well done Dave and Steve although neither of you spotted the lack of a hook for the whistle!

    • John Bullock says:

      Caddie is your “Bunk Space” still subject to “Freedom of Information”, and therefore out of the picture!

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