Image From April 1967 intake

Here is an image which appeared on the Ex RNZN facebook page which has now been identified as the April 1967 intake.  Are than any of the ladies of the branch who can put names to those in the image.


Standing L-R  Jill Franklin (Thompson), Laurel Parsons (Dunn), Margaret West, Marcelle Stratford (Stronich). Carol Arnott (Bradshaw), Marama Wetere, Marilyn Simpson, Ann Meredith (Hollis)

Sitting L – R  Mary Wetere (Palau), Suzanne Roberts (Gardener), LWREN Joy Brierley, 4th Officer Jane Stubbs, Lynn Daniel,  Patricia McCaffrey (Nixey)  – married name in brackets.


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5 Responses to Image From April 1967 intake

  1. Christine Commons says:

    The image of the Wrens, would be after 1965, that is all I can tell you.

  2. John greaves says:

    I recognise 3 or 4 faces as Medical Assistants or SBAs but can’t recall their names. Photo was taken around 1966/67. Fifty years on since I too was a MA but I do remember their faces.Sorry I can’t be of more help


    John greaves

  3. Jim Dell says:

    Jill Thompson (don’t know her maiden name) – rear rank, our left.

  4. Ken Smith says:

    L Rear. Jill Thompson says yes that is her. Taken in April 1967

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