The 1964 Boys

Here is an image of a CS63 Class at TAMAKI sadly a nunber of these communicators have crossed the bar.

Rear L – R  Lionel Tuhiwai, Ack Alder, Robert (Buzzard) Bird, Don Mihaere, John (Chook) Fowler, John Cupples, Luigi Mitchell, Glen Parry, Bob Ohlson

Front L -R  Derek Lawford, Des Sanson, Murray Purves, Bob Ratu, Rick Mathie,  Stuart Graham, Lawrence Simonsen, Ivor (Zep) Phillips,


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12 Responses to The 1964 Boys

  1. Jim Dell says:

    Stuart Graham…

  2. Chook says:

    Rick Mathie, Buzz Bird, Blue Simonsen

  3. gunther says:

    would have to say ohles, i couldnt find u in the photo, not until they pointed u out. look nothing like when we started playing rugby 8mths later..

  4. Jim Dell says:

    I thought Buzzard Bird’s first name was Ray.

  5. Jim Dell says:

    Amazing how one forgets shipmates real names. For years I thought Gunther was Brian’s middle name but it is James. Ack Alder is Arthur Akarunga (think I got the spelling right), Luigi is Louis? etc, etc.

  6. gunther says:

    yes either knew him as buzzard or ray

  7. Chook says:

    There weren’t many matelots that knew my name was John, I retired Chook when I left pussers but my old Navy mates still use it and also my wife occasionally, among other things!!!

  8. Pete says:

    Ivor Phillips was known as “Zeppy or Zep”. We served together at NCC WELLUNGTON 68-69.

  9. Des Sanson (MKII) says:

    What a team it was

  10. Brian Moyse says:

    I worked with Reay Bird in the Christchurch Police Station communications branch in the 1980’s before he went to Australia. The team were Bill Williams, Ron Mayell, Dave McKirdy, Dick Hayden – all ex Navy.

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