Waitangi 1962

Here is a great image of four buntings doing their thing at Waitangi.


L – R  Jack Campbell, Grenville Darroch. Tug Wilson and Dave Crick

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15 Responses to Waitangi 1962

  1. gunther says:

    jack, granvill.? ?

  2. John Bullock says:

    L to R …. Jack Campbell, ?? Darroch. Tug Wilson, Dave Crick (all signalmen)

  3. Alan (Tug)wilson says:

    Jack Cambell, Granville Darrick, Alan Wilson, Dave Crick

  4. Brian Edwards says:

    Poss Jack Campbell,Granville Darroch, Tug Wilson & Dave Crick.

    • Alan (Tug)wilson says:

      Where abouts are you hiding now days Pilz, long time between drinks, we are up North Queensland at Taylors Beach, retired, spend most days pottering in the garden and fishing
      Look forward to hearing from you sometime
      Rgds Tug

      • Brian Edwards says:

        Hi Tug, shudder to think how long! Have just sold the farm in Stokers Siding ( I kid you not) NSW and have now moved into local town Murwillumbah ( Place of many Possums). Been here 17 yrs and haven’t seen one. Not far from Mt.Warning where the American tourist got hit by lightning. Don’t know if we can post email address but WTF.

  5. Bob Anderson says:

    I’d be keen to know what ship they were on

  6. Brian Rowe says:

    was Grenville Daroch wasnt it…anybody know where he is now?

  7. Chook says:

    I wonder if someone more knowledgeable than me, and I know there are some, probably count them on the fingers of one hand, could tell us why Jack is in square rig??

  8. Jim Blackburn. says:

    Jack has been rated Yeoman or he would not be wearing the P O’s Crossed Hooks. but in
    those days you had to do 12 months as ACTING yeoman, in the Square Rig, and then you got
    substantiated in the Rate of Yeoman and were given the princely sum of 20 Pounds or $40 with which you had to buy all the required New Kit….which in fact would only buy a number 3 suit but little or nothing more..the K U A of 4 pence or 10 cents a day was ludicrous and hadn’t changed
    or been increased in eleventeen years. It cost about 3 months K U A to repair your Boots.
    This is one of the reasons I fought desperately to get rid of the old ” Kit upkeep allowance” in
    1968 and go to the same system as the Army and Air force and have all your kit ” Issued” …
    and bring the Navy into the 20th Century as regards Kit…….eventually it occurred.

  9. Dave Wistrand says:

    I will ask him next time I see him at golf – “Why the square rig at Waitangi in 62”

  10. Dave Wistrand says:

    Spoke with Jack this morning at golf and Jim is correct (as usual) he was stoked to be featured – did well at golf as well

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