Modern Warfare is Not Cheap

Modern warfare is not cheap. But even among the priciest and most cutting-edge battle machines, the USS Zumwalt is in a class apart. The warship is the most expensive destroyer in the history of the Navy, costing about $4.4 billion.


Along with the hefty price tag comes a marvel of nautical engineering. During its October commissioning ceremony in Baltimore, the Associated Press reported that Adm. Harry Harris, commander of the United States Pacific Command, described the Zumwalt as the warship Batman would own.

But even a billionaire playboy like Bruce Wayne would struggle to finance the ship’s guns, reported to fire ammunition costing $800,000 a round.

The ship is 610 feet long but has the radar signature of a fishing vessel a twelfth of its size, thanks to a unique angular hull that obscures its guns, radar systems and sensors from detection. It treads quietly through the water. “The composite superstructure significantly reduces cross section and acoustic output making the ship harder to detect by enemies at sea,” according to the Navy’s description.  Thanks John B for the article.

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2 Responses to Modern Warfare is Not Cheap

  1. Mike Commons (Ex-NZ14918) says:

    And at last report is bruck’n down (Broken down) in the Panama Canal??????? Bodes ominous, don’t it??

  2. Marian Simons says:

    looks like something out of Star Wars, but at $4.4B I can’t see Donald Trump getting any of these for his new 350 ship Navy

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