Did you serve in HDML KUPARU.  Click HERE and see if you can help in the restoration of this old and faithful ship.  She has been up on the hard for 15 years rotting away.  Scott Perry has just taken her over and doing what he can to get her sea worthy again…big project. Follow on Facebook under HDML Kuparu.




This image is of the last  Commission Crew of HMNZS KUPARU in mid 80’s when boat was transferred back to HMNZS PHILOMEL and HMNZS WAKAKURA was assigned as the new boat to HMNZS OLPHERT.
Rear L-R  OSEA Foster, LSEA Jaegers,  LSEA Warren, unknown
Front L-R   ADEF McVittie, CPODEF Frank McClelland, LTCDR Bill Martin, POSEA Ian Jacques


Just north of East Cape in mid 80’s
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5 Responses to HDML KUPARU

  1. Scott Perry says:

    Kuparu is progressing well. Most rot removed , replaced and rebuilt. Check out Facebook under HDML Kuparu. So all going well, hope to have her in the water this summer.

  2. David Bool says:

    Scott; re original Kuparu crest; please contact me

    • Scott Perry says:

      Hi David, I like the souds of that…

      • Scott Perry says:

        Hi David, sorry I Im obviously not ex Coms, as I cant find how to Private message you, and there are a few David Bool on facebook. Im on Facebook under HDML Kuparu

    • Scott Perry says:

      Hi David, re original crest. Can you either message me on facebook under HDML Kuparu or alternativly call or text on 027 278 2542. Thanks. Scott

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