Eggy Biggs – Question

A question has been asked if  Eggy Biggs ever served in the Med and was SCCO to CinC. Med in the early 50’s.  If you have the answer then leave a comment to this post.


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12 Responses to Eggy Biggs – Question

  1. John Howell. (Jock) says:

    Not sure but think Iggy Biggs was at Navy Office Wellington early 50’s

  2. john snow says:

    Thanks, as I thought also. Just that I had a query from UK.

  3. DavidJasper says:

    He was a Commissioned Tel responsible for building IRIRIANGI in 43/44 and you can find his name throughout our history and hard to think he could have been spared to go overseas.
    And midday by the way.

    • John Snow says:

      I agree and I did know his history and met him when I arrived here in 1958 when he was also setting up Port WT and North Head. The names Biggs and Briggs have been suggested when query from UK sent to me. Thanks Dave.

  4. Peter Smith says: Acting Lieutenant Iggy (not Eggy) Biggs relieved Lt Brewer as OIC, Waiouru W/T in 1949. says:

    Peter Smith says:
    Acting Lieutenant Iggy (Not Eggy) Biggs relieved Lieutenant Brewer as OIC Waiouru W/T in 1949 and was in turn relieved by Lt-Cdr Carr in 1951 when the establishment was commissioned as HMNZS Irirangi. Lt Biggs next appointment was OIC Communications Training School in Calliope Rd, Devonport before it was included in the naval takeover of North Head…

  5. Tony Locke says:

    Iggy Biggs was a well known officer working at North Head when I joined pussers in 1960.

  6. Jim Blackburn. says:

    If I remember correctly Iggy Biggs had a class of O.D’s learning Morse in the Green Hut that was right opposite the P O’s Mess…this would have been late 1952, before the CTS went
    “up the hill” …I have vivid memory of him standing in the doorway of that classroom one forenoon as i was walking from the Post Office the Port W/T, having been piped to go to the Post Office
    for Registered Mail…It was a Foolscap envelope from the Admiralty containing the original Service Certificates of my Father who had Crossed the Bar earlier that year, and as tradition
    had it his S D’s were sent to the eldest serving Son…ME, and Iggy asked me what was in the envelope, and wanted to see them,, which he did,… and remarked that he had probably seen
    some of the Ships listed, which I doubted, my father having served fro 1895 to 1918.

    He asked me what i was going to do with the S D’s,,,and foolishly, tongue in cheek, I said I am going to look up the callsigns as we could be getting some of those ships here soon…..
    he was not at all amused;…..and i was not flavour of the month for a long time, believe me.

  7. Bill Bartlett NZ15105 says:

    On another dit about Iggy, I remember way back a reference to him being on HMS Hood wen it was sunk in a SC Sea battle. He was probably an OD then. “Oh, that fu..y off the Hood!” used to echo around C5 mess at tot time.
    A hard man and good D.O but look out if you didn’t get a “tun/tun” in your biffers.

  8. Merv Grewar says:

    From a Rocky sparker…..Iggy was my first morse instructor – I think they called them a thin ring – lasted 2 days from memory and it was in the hut opposite the PO’s mess that Jim mentioned. Suddenly he was gone and we were left to Ld Tel Turton in the WT office on Bellona. We were the first rocky group that got sent to Philly from Tamaki which in itself was a new experience for Rockies. My next time with Iggy was on my first trip to Irirangi – not sure of the year but I think Chris Pressie? was my watch PO. 1961 I think. And Iggy took off shortly after I arrived and I think he was a 2 ringer then, maybe even 2 1/2. Sure brings back memories.

    • Chris Precey says:

      Merv, Are you thinking of me at Irirangi in 1961? I was a killick then and that was the year that the POs were shifted out of Irirangi and sent to Wakefield.

      Further to Iggy Biggs – he lived in Devonport in what was then Hinemoa Street which got renamed to Aramoana Avenue. My Grandfather (ex MAA)(1899 to 1924) used to get periodic reports about me from Iggy.

  9. albert cross says:

    beside that austere countenance that Iggy displayed, there was another facet which very few ever came to see. . At the end of the investigation into the “Great Escape” from the Philomel cells in 1961, a meeting was called for in the office of the Officer of the Day at 0040 hours. Iggy was slouched back in his chair ,( holding his glasses in a “Kavanagh Q.C. “) pose and he addressed those present :- “It is patently obvious that this escape could only have been perpetrated with the assistance of an outside agency.”!

    Elementary my dear Watson.

    • Fred Wilson says:

      I am compiling a comprehensive record of all sorts of goings on in the RNZN and would appreciate more info on the ‘Great Escape’.

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