Clubs in the Far East

We all remember the great clubs on the Far East Station.

The China Fleet Club Hong Kong


Aggie Weston’s – Singapore


RAF Seleter Yacht Club


RAF Changi Sailing Club


The Britannia Club


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5 Responses to Clubs in the Far East

  1. John says:

    Great to see all the old clubs that matelots visited and still recall when spinning their dits. My son was seconded to Aggie Westons when he was based in the Army in Singapore. Another thought is…where is the China Fleet Club situated in UK?

      • Going back before 1901….my father related to me many years ago, when we were talking about the China Fleet Club, that in 1898 when he was on the China Station.although the Base was in Wei Hei Wei, (the German Fleet was based in Tsing Tao, And they built the Brewery there) the RN Fleet also used Hong Kong as a base.and a coaling station. In those days the Kowloon shore (where the Star Ferry Pier is) was just an open paddock. The observatory was to be built on the right side hill, and the left side of the road was an RN Victualling Yard…which was moved to Chatham Road…..On this then “empty” paddock (where the International Hotel and then in the 1960’s the Hong Kong Hotel and Pier was built) was a large wooden hut, and the “Naval Authorities” agreed to allow the Ratings of the Fleet to use it as a “recreational Club” and every rating in the China Fleet was levied one Penny per payday to upkeep and extend the facilities of this the first China Fleet Club, and this was to be superseded by the first new building in Wan Chai in 1901 ……and the rest is history…..

        I believe that after it closed and the proceeds were moved to UK, that because in its last few years it had been mainly supported by the Aussie and Kiwi ships after the RN “ceased to operate Ëast of Suez”.that both the Nz and Aussie “authorities”made an approach to be allocated some of the proceeds, but apparently under the Deeds and Covenant that were enacted when the First China Fleet club was formed did not permit this. so the approach was declined. How true this is I do not know.

        Also I was thinking about the “Britannia Club” in Singapore…..when it was built at the end of the War it was named the “Nuffield Club” named after Lord Nuffield of AUSTIN/MORRIS MOTORS fame in UK, who paid for it, it was then renamed the “Raffles Club” for a little while and then The “Britannia Club” what it is named now I have no idea but the last time i passed through Singapore about 4 years ago it was the Singapore Armed Forces Senior N C O’s Club.

  2. John says:

    10 out 10 Frank.

  3. Pilz Edwards says:

    China Fleet Club fantastic memories. HMNZS PUKAKI 1961-62 Being only a youngster I think I can still remember that we got $16 HK to the Kiwi Pound. I think a room for the night cost 1 HK dollar and a pint of San Mig 35cents. Fitted for suit in arvo to wear at night. Won Tombola three nights in a row and made use of the winnings in the out of bounds areas. Even had a tailor made pair of gloves made to fit the STUMP!! Tried looking it up but cant find any mention but thought there was a fire that destroyed the trade fair at Tamar. Great times and great ships Co.

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