A Very Famous Street

If you ask a Jack what street he remembered most in Singapore his answer would be Bugis Street.  However, very few of them saw this street by day..


and of course here is the night view


If you would like to read more of Bugis Street and the antics click HERE

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2 Responses to A Very Famous Street

  1. Sweeney says:

    pity there is no audio with this panorama view as I would love to remember the words to Salome’ still remember the music but otherwise stonkered! Was this activity restricted solely to jacks?? George Worboys held the record on ro tiddly rote!!

  2. Ian Jacques says:

    I fell off the roof of that bloody place with the Singapore Times up my back to be caught by a bloody good bunch of Aussies, 72 or 73 I think. The Honourable Geoff Bramley will confirm

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