Here are a pair of likely lads working in the Wireless Office at HMNZS TOROA in approx 1961.  Maybe some of our sprightly older members can name the radio set in the far right.  The operators were L/Tel David Neale Humphrey and RO1 William Edward McDonald, RO1, 8043.   Thanks Jim D for the image.


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2 Responses to W/T Office HMNZS TOROA

  1. Jim Dell says:

    At the local branch of the NZ Malayan Veterans Association dinner last night, I was talking to David Humphrey and he said that the radio on the far right was a NZ Post Office made transmitter known as the 4125.

  2. Merv Grewar says:

    B40 if I remember rightly…..we had AR88’s at Ngapona until we upgraded to B40 or B41 – the brain is a little sparse these days……cheers…..PRDI Merv Grewar

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