Communicators from Toroa

Here is an image of communicators from HMNZS TOROA.  Thanks Jim D for the image.


Rear rank – L to R Geeson, Kenneth Russell, RO, 106190. Duff, Stuart Martin, RO, 106234. Kitto, Lawrence Richard, RO1, 106145.
Front rank – L to R Aitchinson, Angus Lochiel, CPORS, 106163. Humphrey, David Neale, Lt, 927129. Wilson, Arthur Allan, Yeo, 106125.
David Humphrey was a L/Tel –and he retired as a Lt Cdr.
Tug Wilson retired as a C/Yeo – He was on Royalist in 1965.
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2 Responses to Communicators from Toroa


    Love the “Black fronts” don’t see them in many photos

  2. Merv Grewar says:

    I remember having to take the ML back to Toroa because they couldnt get a sparker – why the hell not with that likely looking bunch…..had a good run ashore down there before “training” home back to Auckland (and being very late back to work) luckily I was the boss!!!!!

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