Do I Qualify?

There are currently discussions going on about those who served prior to 1 April 1974 not qualifying for Veterans Support and the Veterans Independence Program. To set set the record straight, anyone who was enlisted pre-1 April 1974, even if they didn’t deploy, can qualify for Veterans Support and the VIP Service. 

Capture20They do not have to have taken part in an eligible war / emergency to qualify; this is a requirement for those that were in service POST-1 April 1974. This means that if you have physical disabilities (knees, back, hearing, etc) or any medical problems covered by the Australian Statements of Principles as recognised by Veterans Affairs New Zealand then, you may qualify. you need to read these principles carefully to see if you qualify.

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3 Responses to Do I Qualify?

  1. Dave Wistrand says:

    VANZ was morphed into ECC by the last political appointment of two years. Too bad if you have looked after yourself, financially okay and no health issues but need a little help now and again. Their aims and goals sound great but in the nitty gritty of it all the principles do not indicate the minutae of qualifying – Three years ago I had a budget of $3000.00 before I had to seek approval for expenditure on my recognised problems now it is one discussion after another about minor detail that is exasperating. Those that know me know I am being polite because normally I would express it much more bluntly but fear they are monitoring us (thats a joke I think).- Oh well better have a gin and tonic Dave and relax a bit – Kia Ora

  2. Ross Sanson says:

    In my current circumstances, I can’t recommend Veteran,s affairs enough. We receive gardening and household help, and they are just great. Make sure your spouses aware of this.

  3. william bartlett says:

    My understanding of this “assistance for Veterans” which has been around for a while now is that whilst you may be a veteran, eligibility for assistance/home maintenance depends whether one meets certain criteria, ie is he/she in receipt or qualify for a Veterans Disability pension..

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