Even the US are ‘listening’

The following post was received from Tom Dailey a former Chief Radioman, USN.


A US Navy O-6 friend of mine, sent me an interesting article on SS WARRIMOO, and I noticed from where it had sprung.  Just a note of salute from a USN Radioman, to you fellows.  I worked MANY Australian & New Zealander guys on the CW circuits, and NEVER needed a repeat (nor was one ever needed on YOUR end).  Operated from NQSJ, NPL, & NPN (Guam), and still have the Vibro’ Pres-Deluxe that I used…use it on my Amateur Station now (WØEAJ)

Fair Winds and Following Seas, Shipmates – QBF QRU ZUT AR

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3 Responses to Even the US are ‘listening’

  1. John Bullock says:

    Back in the “Old Days” Navcommsta Waiouru (ZLO) had CW/RATT Fixed Service links with NPM Wahiawa,Oahu, Hawaii.

    The meaning of the operating signal QBF listed by the author Tom Dailey in his blog above does not make sense …. maybe a typo?

    Tom Dailey Bio Tom Daily Biography

    ZUT – By all accounts it seems it is a prefix before a membership number of the US Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club

    QBF – Are you flying in cloud??????

    INT QRU Have you anything for me?
    QRU I have nothing for you.

  2. albert cross says:

    I cannot recall any operating signals with the prefix “QB” . The ones we were conversant with were usually QSA – QRK- QTC- QRM – QRN – QRQ- QRS– QSY just to name a few. My guess is that QBF could be an operating snipe at having something to do with the operator’s expertise of being capable of sending morse code with either foot !!!.

  3. Mike Harrington says:

    We used to have a book in our day with the three letter Q and Z codes that we could refer to it was a yankee publication. I remember qnr was “I have reached my point of no return” and zug was negative! Mike H

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