Here is a First!

Today is the official birthday of the Royal New Zealand Navy and as you can see from the image below the New Zealand White Ensign was hoisted high alongside the New Zealand Flag today for the first time on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.



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7 Responses to Here is a First!

  1. Jim Dell says:

    Happy Birthday! That IPV is obviously not one of the two that are “inactive”.

  2. Marian Simons says:

    that’s a photo for the wall; Happy Official Birthday to us all.

  3. Bill Bartlett says:

    Very nice & apprpriate I must say.
    Hari Huri Tau ki a Taua Moana o Aotearoa! ara ki Ngati Heramana whanui.
    Bill B

  4. Wings says:

    Ex communicator, Lt Cdr Jan Kingham, was given the task of raising the Ensign on the Harbour Bridge, due to her being the current longest serving female in the RNZN.

  5. gunther says:

    do u know her by any chance???

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