A Yeoman on Parade

Here is an image of a Yeoman Billy Bartlett.  What was the occasion, what was the date, what was the location and who were the two officers in the image?


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6 Responses to A Yeoman on Parade

  1. John Bullock says:

    Captain Sam Mercer CO Philomel …. 1967 …. LSGC Medal …. Philomel Parade Ground
    Captain Mercer was the 1st CO of HMNZS Waikato.

  2. Mole says:

    getting his Long Gong as you can just make out the ribbon in his left hand.

  3. Michael Commons says:

    BZ Wiremu!!!! Just a query, why aren’t you wearing your other campaign gongs??? Once again, tis good to see you again after all these years Congratulations and well done from Mike Commons

  4. Gerry Purcell says:

    Captain Sam Mercer and Cdr Ted Burrows. Ted Burrows was only Cdr around that time holding a Royal Humane Society Medal which the pic shows him wearing on his right chest.

  5. william bartlett says:

    Hey Gomez!!
    1971. Divs at Philly. Yeah Sam Mercer & Teddy Burrows.
    As you know many of our campaign medals were not officially recognised & issed well into the
    ’90s including our NZOSM Near East (Suez). So Jim’s quite right in a way.
    Anyway mate, do you know what happened to Bob Gillespie? We like many others decided not to take advantage offer of “up homers” for xmas ’55 and spent it in Kings Cross UJC. Bloody tiddly oggie & pints of ‘arf & ‘arf followed by an “all nite in” Big Deal!
    Catch yer Lofty mate!

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