The Rainbow Warrior Incident

This document is a good read and was written in 1987 by Ian Clarke who was the Senior Launchmaster for the Maritime Police.  In 1973, serving in the Navy was Phil (Red) Matthews, an Able Signalman who decided he needed a change in career and when he left the Navy to join the NZ Police and was later transferred to the Maritime Section in 1985. The article is forwarded for interest sake.  Phil is now a Senior Launchmaster with the NZ Police.  Click HERE to read the article.   Thanks Phil for the contribution.



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7 Responses to The Rainbow Warrior Incident

  1. P J (Red) MATTHEWS says:

    Nearly Right, I left the Navy in 1973, and joined the Police in 1976, I was serving on the North Shore, Takapuna and Birkenhead (Local Cop.) until 1985, when I went to the Launch Section (Maritime Police) just after the Rainbow Warrior Incident.
    At the time there were several Ex Navy, Lloyd MacIntosh (Stoker), Ian Clarke, the writer of the article (R.E.M), Graham Morrison (Sand Scratcher/R.P.) and Malcom (Mac) Newton (M.A.A.) also Kevin PUGH was posted there at the same time he was Sub. Lt. in the RNZNVR.
    Mac and Ian have crossed the Bar!!
    I will be the last of the above to “pack it in” and become the recipient of a vast stipend from a benevolent Government at the age of 65 in early 2017.

    I hope this finds you all in good health and enjoy the read.

    All the Best

  2. Dave Wistrand says:

    When I was in charge of the “Security” at the NZ Refining Co at Marsden Point I kept an eye on “terror’ incidents around the place and on one World Wide site was looking through and couldn’t find the Rainbow Warrior attack listed on the site – Don’t think they regarded the French as a terrorist cell/plot/country. Anyway got onto them and eventually they admitted that it was a terrorist attack and stuck it in their database listing France as the sponsor country. Small victory (wonder if it is still there?)

  3. P J (Red) MATTHEWS says:

    Rick MATHIE was a Sectional Sergeant at the Wharf Police Station and then went to Levin as a Sgt.

  4. albert cross says:

    Ian Clarke and myself joined about the same time and we served together at Irirangi in the early 1950’s. We met up again in January 1960 as we were boarding the Auckland/Wellington express for a 13 week stint at the Trentham Police Training College. Ian did a brief tour of duty up and down Queen St. AK before being drafted to sea on the then brand new Deodar. The racket that their Foden’s kicked up was such that they virtually had to shut them down so that Central or the Wharf stations could hear what they had to say. Ian had a favourite trick up his sleeve. If they ever picked up any yachties or other Gulf holiday makers who were getting a bit stroppy., the engine room hatch was opened and they were accommodated down below for about ten minutes which had a marked effect on their behaviour thereafter…..

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