Flowers to Loch’s

Following on from Jim Dell’s post on Flower class ships.  Peter Smith has provided Flowers to Lochs which again provides us an insight into the development of warships. Thanks Peter for the contribution.  Click HERE to read on…


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4 Responses to Flowers to Loch’s

  1. Brian Burford says:

    Nice photo of Loch Fada. She was the first of class and the last Loch to serve in the RN. I was lucky to serve in her last commission and sailed her back to UK to go into reserve in 1967. She was brought out of reserve and used as a testbed for the Seawolf missile system. Unfortunately she broke her moorings one night in a storm and was so badly damaged that she had to be scrapped.

  2. Jim Dell says:

    Well, it was either that or a missile up her …

  3. Jim Dell says:

    All depends how you read your first comment…

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