Annual General Meeting – Agenda

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting of the RNZN Communicators Assn can be read by clicking HERE.   To view remits for the meeting click HERE.  The meeting will be held in the upstairs Committee Room on the right as you enter the RSA.


Your committee understands that there are a number of communicators who are unable to attend the actual meeting and would like to contribute and hear the discussion.  This has proved to be a little difficult to achieve but we are investigating this aspect for next year. However, if anyone has any comments, thoughts, views on any of the agenda items these can be forwarded through to me via email and I will represent these at the meeting on your behalf.  If you wish to discuss the items then happy for a phone call.

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2 Responses to Annual General Meeting – Agenda

  1. John Bullock says:

    MRU … Have a successful AGM

  2. Marian Simons says:

    Thank you for the alternate arrangements for voting.

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