Yeoman of Signals John Ernest Nolan

Here are a series of images from Rob Nolan the son of John Ernest Nolan.  John originally joined the RN and came out to New Zealand where he joined the RNZN in 1950 as a Signalman and rose to the rank of Yeoman of Signals. He left the RNZN IN 1956 having served in PHILOMEL, CERBERUS, BELLONA, KANAIERE and HAWEA. Sadly John crossed the bar in 2005 in Devon UK.  Thanks Rob for the images.





The Port W/T Station can be seen in the background which was located just inside the main gates of PHILOMEL where the current Library is sighted.








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1 Response to Yeoman of Signals John Ernest Nolan

  1. Jim Blackburn. says:

    I knew “Scouse” Nolan pretty well…good bloke…from memory both he, and another Yeoman, Ron Trotman both went into the NZ Army Signals Corp down at Waiuouru for a short while when they left Pussers ….(As did quite a few Sparkers and Buntings). In the 3rd Photo, which I think was taken in 1951 but more likely 1952 I can recognise…
    Back Row. ?, Sig Trevor Thompson, Yeo Danny Daniels, ?, ?, ?, Ch El Shady Lane/?????
    Front row A/B Dolly Gray, L/Sig Scouse Nolan, L/EM Gracie Fields, Ch Wtr Fred Cozens. ?. ?.

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