Who Remembers this Item?

The image says it all.


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3 Responses to Who Remembers this Item?

  1. bill bartlett says:

    Is this the dreaded Vega ?. Bob Hill’s pet project as ADNS1.1980-82 I think they trialled it on Canterbury.
    Bloody useless!

    Bill B

  2. Whittles says:

    Yes Bill that’s the dreaded Vega and they were trialed on Canterbury in 83/84 we said they were crap but they still went ahead and purchased a pile of them, they would have made good anchors but the bloody things floated.

  3. Charlie Matenga says:

    Yes Bill. I got the original for trialling during Canterbury’s work-up in Aussie during December 1982. Was a bloody shambles installing it. Took the dockyard and Tom Rae, AWEO, a couple of days and only on the starboard wing. I tried to get it installed on the Flagdeck, for height. The 5-inch trigger was hard to use over a long period during v/s exercises. Didnt follow up what happened to it. Surprised used later. There appeared to be no interest by anyone onboard.

    Charlie Matenga

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