Bunks & Sailors

Rick Howland is carrying out a small historical project on attrition in the Navy over the years and has asked the following question:


Can you remember the core crew number and total bunks for the following ships? (not the numbers on the internet as they are too vague)
Wellington – FF
Otago – FF
Charles Upham

E.G. Canterbury (FF) – Crew 213, Bunks 265

Leave a comment to this post with your response.

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8 Responses to Bunks & Sailors

  1. Jim Dell says:

    The Australian Bathursts during WWII had a complement of 85 – 6 officers (who slept in bunks), 12 Senior rates (don’t know if they slept in bunks or hammocks) and 67 junior ratings who slept in hammocks. After WWII the complement was reduced to 67.
    HMNZ Ships Inverell and Kiama had a crew of 71. I seem to recall that the J/Rs slept in hammocks in the messdeck up forrard.
    I have several books on the RNZN here at home and they all differ as to the Modified Type 12 and Leander Class frigate complements. None of the books state that Canterbury had an initial crew of 213. Maybe some of the commissioning crew would know.

  2. Jim Blackburn. says:

    HMNZS Otago..F111…On Commissioning June 1960…
    16 Officers…23 Chief Petty Officers…17 Petty Officers…28 Leading Rates….116 Able Rates.
    . Number of Bunks…. unknown

  3. P Le Bas says:

    Always thought Otago and Taranaki had 240 as the complement. Correct me pls, if I’m wrong.

    • Pilz Edwards says:

      Cant supply any figures but do remember setting young Rick (as a Snotty) up with a hammock and accompanying instructions down the aft mess on Inverell. I supervised from one of two bunks!! If Rick reads this- I have and could forward a newspaper clipping from Jul 1964 taken at TS Chatham Sea cadet unit with my brother David Edwards.
      Cheers Pilz

  4. Ray Newport says:

    Hmnzs Taranaki (F148) Compliment on day of Commissioning 28 March 1961 was:-
    16 Officers, 20 Cpo’s, 23 Po’s, 37 Ldg Hands, 63 AB’s, 25 EM’S, 7 Electrical, 13 Cooks-Stewards Etc, 11 Comms and 1 Reporter (Taranaki Daily News) SO ALL UP 216 LISTED. More could have been added at a later date.

  5. Mole says:

    WAIKATO 243, WELLINGTON 257, everyone had a bunk.

  6. DavidJasper says:

    Kiama JR hammocks. Up for’d in ruffers it was like being in a slingshot and you had to stop yourself being launched into the deckhead. Sometimes you just got out of your mick and slept on the deck. Officers and SR had bunks also 2 bunks in sick bay and I think the seat in the Jossmans office made a bunk (not for Jimmy ONeil or Guts Cunningham.
    One poor Subby (SCO) was preparing to issue the months cards on his bunk and ended up one short. They reamed him several new ones and pretty much ended his career. When Kiama was being broken up they found said document down between the wooden panel at the back of his bunk and the bulkhead. A case of the Darwin Theory being alive and well in my opinion.

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