Here is a LINK which provides a great view of Singapore City and the surrounding area. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is located in the heart of the city and boast a swimming pool at the very top known as the Infinity Pool.  Reported to the the highest and largest in the world.  The cost of a wine and a pint was $57.00 but the view was certainly worth it.

Thank goodness this swimming hole was not around in the 60’s and 70’s when jolly ‘Jack’ only had the Terror Pool, Plunge Pool, Aggies and the Raffles fountain to contend with.



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  1. gunther says:

    yes this certainly is a highlight when going to Singapore..great views and as u say very expensive at the top..

  2. John Bullock says:

    Just as well Singas’ is not quite on the “Ring of Fire” … that would be fun in a Quake, or Herr Gunther doing a bomb in pool!

  3. gunther says:

    after being up there, there is no way I would want to swim in the pool or for that matter stay up there for any considerable time.. the thought of the whole lot tipping over..

    • Jim Dell says:

      Just as well you didn’t go in the water – haven’t you heard of Archimede’s Principle about water displacement…

  4. gunther says:

    when up there, the last thing I wanted to do was have a is an unreal feeling being that high up in this odd shaped building..

  5. Jim Dell says:

    Bottom right photo on the link Frank, looks like a size 45D cup??

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