Who Is this Chap?

This image was taken of the bust of a a very famous person who has been involved in supporting many Navies of the world.  Who is he and what was his involvement?


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10 Responses to Who Is this Chap?

  1. John Bullock says:

    I believe it is James Watson Gieve, tailor of Saville Row London

  2. Jim Dell says:

    That is Savile Row who was responsible for supplying uniforms to many navies…

  3. Jim Dell says:

    James Watson Gieve – naval tailor

  4. albert cross says:

    This is a bust of Gieves, a partner of Gieves & Hawkes who opened a tailor shop at No.1 Savile Row ;London in the 1770’s. Royalty and Lord Nelson were among a number of their clients and apparently one could get the latest “tiddly” suit if you were reasonably well off. A little bit of nostalgia for us older salts was Commodore Outfitters in the Ferry Building, Quay St. where an allotment of 10/- a fortnight meant you never went short of the essentials and always had cash in the pocket for the “wets”

  5. DJR says:

    Is it Henry Poole, the pioneer of naval tailoring. Not Grubb and Slacky……

  6. Fred Wilson says:

    James Watson Gieve, of Gieve and Co, tailors to the RN, and inventor/provider of the Gieve life-saving waistcoat, advertised as being worn as a normal waistcoat, fitted with a brandy flask, inflated in a few seconds, and a reliable means of saving oneself from U-boats and mine disasters.

  7. gunther says:

    well I never got to use him..

    • Jim Dell says:

      You have to remember Gunth that only senior officers could afford this life-saving luxury. Fred probably had one in his wardrobe in his cabin. Although he didn’t have one on Endeavour as he was only a Lieutenant then and couldn’t afford it …

  8. gunther says:

    yes, I did realise that james (reading books of certain officers during and after the war who told of getting their first set of no1’s fm the place) sure beats gubb and co’

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