Plastic Sandals

Does anyone know when Plastic Sandals were first issued in the RNZN.  I joined in 1966 and they were certainly part of my kit but others may remember them much earlier. Please leave a comment to this post.  Thanks  Frank



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  1. P Le Bas says:

    Had them in 63. Blokes before had them, try 60?

  2. Jim Dell says:

    I was issued them in 64. I remember on Royalist in 65 that all the sparkers except for the Chief (Spotty Crighton) had plastic sandals. Spotty had the old leather ones. I was unsuccessful several years ago in trying to get flat feet recognised by VANZ as a result of wearing “plakkies”.

  3. Ernie Pope says:

    January 1959 we were issued with leather sandals

  4. Tony Marsden says:

    I think that it was in 1957. On Royalist on the FES (1957/8) we had several RNers coming on board wanting to buy the plastic sandals.

  5. Lindsay Roberts says:

    I joined May 1957 and seem to remember that Plastic sandals were part of our issue kit. Down at the Rock Trainees had to wear boots and gaters, it was not until we joined our first ship.that the rig of the day allowed sandals and then only with shorts (10A’;s)

  6. Ray Newport says:

    Ray Newport.
    Plastic sandals were issued around 1956 we had them on the Kaniere FES trip 1956-57
    could of been prior to then not 100% sure.

  7. Tony Locke says:

    We were issued with the plastics in 1960 on the rock

  8. gunther says:

    on asking vanz about these sandals(at a general meeting a couple of years aga) and did they have many people making claims on ankles, feet , lower leg problems etc, I was told that in general none..asked as to why I was asking I said they were the most dangerous piece of footwear that was ever made. what with no instep , plastic, your feet continually sweaty, prone to slip off your feet, very unstable in hot sticky weather if your ship was continually rolling and so on and so on. I would have thought that there would have been hundreds of claims, as I don’t know how many times I rolled my ankles over the years..

    • Jim D says:

      Most people took their sandals off Gunth before lying down wonder you got sweaty feet!

    • Dave Wistrand says:

      I do have to disagree never had a problem with slipping or whatever (then again good genes will out) and can still dance, golf, dance (2nd time after drinks) etc I think they were excellent and hate to think what an alternative might have been – as in smelly socks and stained leather sandals stacked three deep under the bottom bunk

  9. Frank Rands says:

    Bill Fenton commenets Think it would have been circa 1960. We were still issued leather sandals on joining but you could buy your plastic sandals in Philly in 61

  10. WALLY STRONG says:

    1956/7 for me..definitely had them 2nd commission on royalist.nz15843

  11. Gene Autridge says:

    got issued with plastic in January 1961 although a couple of people were from memory issued with leather so probably still being phased in in some sizes

  12. John Bullock says:

    I was issued with them 1961 …
    I remember back in 1976 at Esquimalt Naval Base BC on ZMCR issuing Squirt on the flight deck, snowing at the time. There were a few RCN “Guests” onboard for drinkies cracking up about the JR’s in No.8’s wearing plastic sandals in that weather.

  13. Fred Wilson says:

    Leather sandals were introduced as an item of kit on 29 August 1957 by Navy Order. I am going through all the NZNO’s on a research project and haven’t got to placcy sandals yet.

  14. Merv G says:

    ahhh well… a Rocky on my first sea time which was a Aussie cruise, I got my first pair with all the junk we were given in, I think, 1954 – late November/early December – was flash gear in those days – bloody dangerous if the truth be known as I tossed mine over the side when we were at 60S on the Kaniere.

  15. Murray Tricker says:

    Seem to remember wearing them in 54 at Irirangi. Don’t think they were “issue” but could be bought from slops.

  16. Neal Catley says:

    I wholeheartedly agree Gunther’s comments. Plastic sandals in a word were, garbage!

  17. Bill Bartlett says:

    “placky sandals” they certainly wern’t around in the fifties from memory- maybe early sixties – who the hell cares! they were a bloody hazard I reckon. Is there not a reputable jack dusty in our midst who should know the answer?

  18. FRANK ELLIOTT says:

    if u wanted toe jam wear plastics.

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