A couple of communicators here. Can you name them or any others of the crew of HMNZS BLACKPOOL?


L – R  Pari Rikihana, Rod Shoemark, John Mills, Barry Jordan, Geoff Ockleston, Stan Jane, Frank Lewis, John ‘Bush’ Garrett, Charlie Armstrong, John Titmus, ?,


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6 Responses to HMNZS BLACKPOOL REUNION 1980’s

  1. John Bullock says:

    4th from the Right …. John (Bush) Garrett

  2. Jim D says:

    Barry Jordan 4th from the left. John Titmus 2nd right. Max Watt perhaps far right.

  3. Jim Dell says:

    I think 1st left was an electrician. 5th left (at the back) was an Ordnance Artificer and far right could be Max Watt?

  4. Paddy Long (Dodger) says:

    Is that Billy Jump 3rd from right with the can of beer ??

  5. Chook says:

    extreme left Pari Rikihana, 4th left Badges Dittmer

  6. Rod says:

    2nd in from left – Rod Shoemark, another ‘Naki’ boy

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