The Annual General Meeting of the RNZN Communicators Assn will be held on 1 October 2016 commencing at 1100.  The venue is the Birkenhead RSA.  All remits and agenda items are to be forwarded to the Secretary of the Assn by 9 September 2016.


A number of remits  for amendment of the Constitution have been developed by your committee and are detailed below for your consideration. at the 2016 AGM

1. Delete exisiting para 6.1 in toto

Insert new Para 6.1

6.1 A review of the Assocation’s financial accounts is to be carried out annually by a suitably qualified person, independent of the committee. Where there has been little or no financial activity in a current financial year those committee members entitled to vote may pass unanimouosly the following resolution “that no Reviewer be appointed for the current year”.


The RNZN Communicators Association is not a registered Association or Charity. As such, the Association is not obligated under any Act or Legislation to undertake a formal financial audit. However under the existing Constitution Section 6.1, it is clearly stated an ‘auditor’ must be appointed.

As advised by the Association’s 2014/15 auditor Barry King, FATAINZ, the issue within our Constitution is with the word ‘auditor’. Under new financial regulations, auditors are now a separate specialist body whose charges would far outweigh any benefits to our Association.

It is recommended by Mr King that the word ‘audit’ was removed from 6.1 and replaced with the word ‘review’ and the word ‘auditor’ be removed and replaced by the words ‘suitably qualified person, independent of the committee’.

Mr King also suggested that the existing words ‘’be appointed for the coming year’ be replaced by the words ‘be appointed for the current year’. This recommendation is based on the precise that any committee would have no way of knowing with certainty the future ‘financial activity’.


Insert new Para 6.5

6.5 The Association’s fiscal year shall be 1 July to 30 June each year.


A fiscal year is described as an accounting period afterwhich account books are closed, profit or loss computed and financial reports prepared for presentation. It may or may not match a calendar year.

The suggested fiscal year period is in line with the RNZN and all publically funded organisations. This fiscal period would also provide the Association a workable timeframe to prepare the Associations financial accounts should a financial review be required before an Annual General Meeting.

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  1. Jim Dell says:

    For those unable to attend, could we please have an on line voting system?

  2. Bob/Gene Autridge says:

    sorry unable to attend

  3. Paul Murray says:

    Apology unable to attend

  4. Marian Simons says:

    I agree with Jim, or maybe someone can collect our proxy votes??

  5. Pete Trainor says:

    MRU to attend AGM

  6. Ian Jacques says:


  7. Sanson says:

    Agree Jim , let’s go with the technology.

    Ross Sanson

  8. gunther says:

    why don’t u all come up and make a day of it..

  9. Jim D says:

    That is ok for you Jaffas!

  10. gunther says:

    yes it is.. but only extending the hand of friendship, if one can travel overseas, one can come to Auckland, I remember when bollocks used to come up sure if I lived in dreary ol Dunedin I would be more than happy to come to Auckland, even if its just once a year for a meeting and to meet ol’ buddies…

    • Marian Simons says:

      :O when were you las tin dunedin Gunther? cos it’s not dreary at all, but vibrant & alive. Also, if I had a job, I’d come up for the AGM, a holiday in Taupo would be quite nice.

      • Jim Dell says:

        You tell him Marion! Going to Auckland is like travelling overseas – spot the kiwi in Queen Street! Anyway, it’s cheaper to fly overseas from Dunedin than it is to go to Auckland.

      • Marian Simons says:

        I don’t mind Auckland, but Dunedin has changed so much in the 43 years since I moved here – for the better, that I hate hearing people talk negatively about the city; but yes, Mosgiel hasn’t changed much – only got much bigger & some new shops

    • John Bullock says:

      Gunther …. can you be my el cheapo travel agent. I need a quote to get to the Birkenhead RSA from Lyttelton for the following options….:
      1. AirNZ return, rental car Auckland minimum 3 days and accommodation.
      2. Drive to Auckland return (fuel), Cook Strait ferry return, and 3 days accommodation.
      For those that are interested and absent from the AGM, a “Skype conference” call could be set up..

  11. gunther says:

    just over a year ago..come down quite often, mostly now for dispatches..old home town is mosgiel, and every time I come down it reminds me of why I left

  12. Peter Mitchell says:

    MRU to attend AGM

  13. Peter Mitchell says:

    MRU to attend the AGM this year.

  14. Evan F McGregor says:

    Evan McGregor. Apology. MRU. AGM.
    All the best for a great AGM

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