Spot the EW

Here is an image of the commissioning crew of HMNZS WAIKATO.  Apart from the sparker John Bullock sitting in the centre of the picture can you spot the EW who was also part of the crew.

Waikato Originals 2016


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15 Responses to Spot the EW

  1. gunther says:

    don’t know about the ew but the sparker stands out, exceptional dress sense

  2. gunther says:

    just had another look and I still cant recognise the ew. but have now spotted kips middle back row

  3. Frank Lewis says:

    Middle row left side Lionel Tuawhai (sorry about spelling Lionel).

  4. Chook says:

    Lionel Tuhiwai left end of middle row and George Randell in the back row….

  5. Rod says:

    How about young Lional Tuhiwai far left in the centre row

  6. Glenn Hart says:

    It wouldn’t be Lionel Tuiwhai on the left ?

  7. gunther says:

    I did look at the guy on the end, middle row (l) and had a fleeting thought it might be lionel, and yes it is him..

  8. Paddy Long (Dodger) says:

    Bugger me if thats Lionel Tuiwhai on the far left middle row — !!!

  9. Was Lionel a golly then? Don’t think so

  10. John Bullock says:

    There is another signalman in the back row? A clue …. this signalman had a older brother who also was in signals.

  11. Frank Rands says:

    John Wharepapa comments He was,I’m sure it was in the early 80’s, I think he was one of yours, Signalman. Didn’t stay long though, did 5 years or less. He is living in Rotorua, just a couple of doors down from where Frank Maika (RIP) grew up in Ngapuna. Saw him a couple of weeks ago in town. Sorry for late reply, don’t get onto this Facebook thing much

  12. Bill Bartlett says:

    looks like Kips Kingdon 5th back row.Next to JB is the Stores Chief turned Real Estate Agent, then Joe Bregmen (Chief Stoker), Paul Sollitt (Chef)

  13. John Bullock says:

    Top Row 3rd left —- Don (Ralph) Parkes (Signalman). His older brother John was also a Signalman.

  14. Bob Anderson says:

    Back row, left hand end, Dennis Martin, part of the 45 th Boys, He left to become a dog handler with the police.

  15. Frank Saunders says:

    It is Lionel, and to keep the comms’ link going with the picture, Dennis’s wife Margaret, was in Signals.

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