A Class from the Past!

Here is an image of a class of Communicators. What was the course and can we name them and the year?  – 3rd Signalman’s Course 7 Jan – 12 March 1957.


Standing L – R   Sig Tom Rule,  Sig Dave Newman,  Sig Herb Anscombe

Sitting  L – R   POTel Geoff Drew, LTCDR E.G. Biggs, SLT Harry Alderton, Yeoman Jock McNeil

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2 Responses to A Class from the Past!

  1. Jim Blackburn. says:

    I am taking some wild guesses here, but could it be…..
    Standing ??? , Sig Dave Newman? Sig Herb Anscombe?
    Sitting P O Tel Geoff Drew??Lt Cdr E G Biggs. Sub Lieut Harry Alderton , Yeoman Jock McNieLl?

  2. Jim Blackburn. says:

    It is not charlie Raven…Charlie was on R P Man…It is definitely Harry Alderton ex POTEL

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